We are offering our sponsors the opportunity to be part of a unique and adventurous maritime endeavor.  When found, the wreck of Bonhomme Richard will be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in U.S. naval history.  The search has already garnered extensive media coverage, and it will continue to do so.

However, the most valuable benefit to supporting this quest will be the honor accorded to those who help to close one chapter in the history of Captain John Paul Jones’s life, by validating the final resting place of his flagship.  Sponsors will play a role in filling in gaps in American naval history, and renewing public interest in America’s proud naval heritage.

We thank the following individuals for their generous support of the Bonhomme Richard project. 

2014 Sponsors

Gary and Donna Greenfield

Mr. Stephen Chubb

Joe Callo and Sally McElwreath

Mr. John Ringelberg

Mr. Richard Farrara

Mr. Bill Dudley

Mr. John Leinhauser

2013 Sponsors

2012 Sponsors

2011 Sponsors

2010 Sponsors

Battle off Flam Head

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