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NR1 pixelsAUV Daurade

2006 SV Freja
SV Lia
U.K. hydro survey company Side scan sonar (SSS), Magnetometer Surveyed 50 nm
2007 RV Oceanus Office of Naval Research Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Target classification
2008 Submarine NR1
MV Carolyn Chouest
U.S. Navy Obstacle Avoidance Sonar, SSS, video Surveyed 425 nm
Target classification
2009 FRN Minehunter Thétis
FRN Minehunter Pegase
French Navy Magnetometer, AUV Surveyed 50 nm
Target classification
2010 USNS Henson U.S. Navy AUVs, SSS, magnetometer Surveyed 63 nm
2010 FRN Minehunter Cassiopée French Navy ROV, divers Target classification
2011 FRN Minehunter Cassiopée French Navy ROV Target classification
2011 USNS Grasp U.S. Navy SSS, magnetometer, divers Target classification
2012 FRN Laplace (hydrographic)
FRN Antares (sonar-towing)
FRN Styx (dive support)
French Navy
U.S. Navy (AUV)
SSS, magnetometer, divers, AUV Surveyed 37 nm
Target classification
2013 Private Vessel Private Partners SSS, mag, ROV Surveyed 7 nm
Target classification
2014 FRN Sagittaire
FRN Altair
FRN Vulcain
French Navy Sonar, ROV, divers Target investigation


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The salvage ship USNS GRASP. Photo: M. Ryan

The salvage ship USNS GRASP. Photo: M. Ryan